Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just some pics... Mumbai. Its the Bombay!

soo, a long time ago.. Mumbai used to be called "Mumbai". stay with me now.. this, by the way, is the same place as Bombay. Mumbai was it's original/traditional name - but then.. one of those queen elizabeths(IV-XXVI) or somethin, came in through India Gate

as queen of India and changed the name to Bombay when the british took over. Eventually, they changed it back to Mumbai, but everyone still calls it Bombay because they can't remember what it is supposed to be called.

next.. this is the coolest sidecar scooter i have seen and i thought about borrowing it. i am a little disappointed that the dude is just using it to transport drugs instead of letting his lady ride side car joy ride.. "thats cool man, your buddy can still ride on back!"

this is our dear friend pavane... she is the one who got us the farting gig out here and is always taking care of us.. she is amazing!

soo i left my bike outside for like.. maybe ten minutes.. and i come back to this!!! shady neighborhood..


this guy was explaining to me the physics behind growing orange hair naturally.. i was curious because there are seriously lots of dudes that are rocking that un-natural orange and red hair colors


on our way to the Mumbai Central railway station...